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  • Les étudiants français ont une longue tradition de voyager à l'étranger pour poursuivre leurs études. Une destination de plus en plus populaire pour les étudiants français est la ville de Bristol, située dans le sud-ouest de l'Angleterre.
  • We get asked this a lot on-line and in person. My own daughter travelled to Bordeaux twice on a family exchange and is now a secondary school modern foreign languages teacher. I am still in contact with my exchange partner and his family from 1980 ( and yes I still use my French on a regular basis).
  • The Bristol Bordeaux Partnership exists to support and amplify the links and activities between the two cities particularly in Twinning, Business, Culture and Education. We will cover frequently asked questions and information in this blog. Please feel free to leave comments or contact us directly. We want to help grow the Bristol Bordeaux Partnership and we need your assistance.