Bristol Bordeaux\Hannover Fair Trade links with Nicaragua

This project has been developing over the past few years. It has previously targetted schools, colleges and universities. A coffee or cocoa producer from Nicaragua comes to our city and visits schools and colleges by arrangement. They speak about their life as a food producer with emphasis on how little they are paid in the food chain compared to supermarkets, distributers and the like. They also work in classrooms with role play and similar games. University students are used to interpret. The university involved are so pleased at this real life situation that they awarded £1000 to the project last year. This year the focus is on business. Hoteliers, restauranteurs and catering colleges who buy in bulk and go on to work in hospitality in future have been involved. The aims are; Awareness raising for sustainable topics. Sustainability in the entire city administration. To implement international, ecological and social development goals at the local level. To show possible actions for sustainable lifestyles To develop local strategies and to promote dialogue.

This is a very current and worthwhile initiative between the developed world of Europe and developing world of the coffee/cocoa producers of Nicaragua.