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Bordeaux June 2024: An Invitation

Welcome to the latest news from the Bristol Bordeaux Partnership. Today we are inviting Members to join us on the 18th October to help plan the Bristol Bordeaux Partnership visit to Bordeaux in June 2024.

Encouraged by some informal visits this year, we’ve started conversations with our friends at the  Association Bordeaux Bristol about an organised Members visit next year, aiming for June 2024.  We’d centre this on the Bordeaux Fete du Vin, which will run from Thursday 27th June to Sunday 30th June.  Please hold these dates, ideally through to Tuesday 2nd July, in case we aim for a few days extra.

The time is right to start planning, especially as EasyJet has just released their summer 2024 timetable: helpfully, five flights a week between Bristol and Bordeaux, not the Wednesdays or Saturdays.  

But the invitation now is to get involved and help us plan the visit to Bordeaux.  Please join us at our scoping meeting at 7:00pm on  Wednesday 18th October, at the Berkeley Square Hotel.

Our broad agenda will cover:

1  The Fete du Vin itself.  This is a very sociable time in Bordeaux: outdoors, by the river, and we may well aim to obtain tickets that entitle you to 11 tastings.  Crucially, these would be over the four days, so you can drop by afternoon or evening.  

2  Wider events and outings.   Both in the city – the more established sights and relative novelties such as the light show in the big submarine pen: Bassins des Lumieres – and near the city – wine villages such as Saint Emilion?  The coast at Arcachon? How much would you like organised, how much free time?

3 Travel and accommodation.  For many EasyJet flights will be the easiest, but other options?   Different types of accommodation according to individuals’ budget? 

We are also starting to organise a visit to Bristol by Association Bordeaux Bristol members, likely to be in September 2024.  We may get to discuss this a little, but it won’t be a major focus of the evening.

Please let us know if you can join the planning meeting, or indeed if you’d like to join the trip in principle, and write back with your thoughts.  But we’d very much like to meet you on the 18th!   

A bientôt!

Bristol Bordeaux Partnership