Sunday 29 July ~ Come and meet three of the artists taking part in UPFest 2018 and hear about their inspirations, the graffiti art scenes where they live and work and ask them questions about what makes them do what they do !


Dr Love is from Tbilisi the capital of Georgia which has been officially twinned with Bristol since 1988.
He and two of his colleagues are here to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the link.


Lady Jday is from Bordeaux in South West France which was twinned with Bristol in 1947 as part of reconciliation after the war and a way of building a stronger Europe. She is currently living and working in New York. Two other Bordeaux artists are also taking part this year.


And Stefan Hoch is from Hannover in Germany, Bristol’s twin city since 1947, set up as part of getting to know our enemies and making friends with them to avoid another conflict. Stefan is here with another Hannover artist.


The one hour session will be facilitated by Richard Jones from Tangent Books
who have published several titles on Urban Art including the history of UPFest.


Sunday 29 July

Greville Room
at the Hen and Chicken pub, North Street

4pm until 5pm

Free Entry on first come first served basis